Bitcard Secure BTC Plastic Bitcoin Walletcard

$7.95 CAD

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Each card is individually unique and secure.

Made in Germany with extensive security features. 

Wallet-Cards are a safe and easy way to store Bitcoins via handy credit card format.

Production process for the card:

We use a computer system that operates without internet access to create the Bitcoin-addresses and for the production of the Bit-Card. In an effort to guarantee maximum security, we use custom-built software to create the Bitcoin-addresses and QR-codes.Therefore the private Bit-Card key cannot be read, stored or transferred at any time.

The created keys are stored on the Bit-Card exclusively and are not saved or stored in any form by us. Please note that we are unable to assist you in the event the card is destroyed or lost.

After producing the card we add the security hologram and register the cards in our system with the printed verification link.

Loading the card:

We mail your card unloaded to minimize the loss hazard during shipping.

To load the Bit-Card please send the value to the Bitcoin-address of your Bit-Card.

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