Bitfury USB Nano Fury II Bitcoin Miner 5gh/sec (SOLD OUT)

$44.95 CAD

Sold Out



Up to 5 Gh/s USB Miner, highly dependent on hubs and cooling (see below)

  • Each miner contains TWO Bitfury (Rev.1) ASIC Chips
  • Super Easy Install - No additional drivers needed for most computers
  • Requires BfgMiner 3.10.0 or later -
  • 3.7-4.1 Gh/s requires 1A(amp) per USB port, which is slightly more than USB 3.0 standard of .9A
  • Overclockable - speed of 4.7-5.4 Gh/s at 53-55 bits - stability can reduce with increased speed - needs 1.5-1.8A per device.  It is unlikely you will be able to utilize each port in a powered USB hub. 
  • Miners can exceed 5 Gh/s but have NOT been tested above BfgMiner oscillator settings of 55 bits.  Running at higher speeds may damage the miner and will void the 30 day warranty.
  • Light to medium air circulation required for speeds over 3.7-4.1 Gh/s.  USB fans work very well.


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