SFARDS SF100 Dual Miner - 47MH LTC Miner & 1.7TH BTC Miner *Limited Quantity*

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SFARDS SF100 BTC/LTC Miner - *Limited Quantity* 

Ships from Toronto, Canada. *Free Expedited shipping in Canada.

**This miner does not include a power supply or Ethernet cable**

SFARDS Technology has successfully developed and produced the first FD-SOI 28nm SHA-256 (Bitcoin) and Scrypt (Litecoin) dual-mode mining chip SF3301. After more than one month evaluating, prototyping, and extreme-condition pressure testing, the first 28nm dual-mode miner, SFARDS SF100 is about to start mass production.


    • Installed With 24 SF3301 Dual ASIC Chips
    • Higher Hash rate Lower Consumption Longer Shelf Life
    • More Flexible For Dual Mining Setting
    • Over clocking or Under clocking Apply to More Scenarios
    • Mine Bitcoin, Litecoin and over 100 more crypto currencies
    • Pluggable hashing boards,easy for maintenance or disassembly
    • Separated high current DCDC module, reusable design for future generations’ ASIC


    • Specifications:
Technical Specifications SHA-256(Bitcoin) Scrypt(Litecoin, Dogecoin)
Effective Hash Rate 1700GHS ± 5% 54MHS ± 5%
Dual Mode Power Consumption 970W("at the wall")
Single Mode Power Consumption 710W("at the wall") 200W("at the wall")
Power Efficiency 0.42 W/GHS 3.7 W/MHS
  • ASIC:24 SF3301 Dual ASIC Chips (The First FD-SOI 28nm SHA-256 & Scrypt Dual ASIC Designed By SFARDS)
  • Hashing Board: 3 boards,each board installed with 8 chips
  • Dimensions: 430 x 191 x 178 (mm)
  • Weight:5.8KG
  • Cooling System:Air Cooling
  • Network Connection: Ethernet
  • Controller Board OS:Raspberry Pi installed with BitStellar(Former Wiibox Software)Controlled by Internet
  • Rated Voltage Inpute:12V DC,6 PCIE Cables of 6 Pin are needed.
  • Note: Power supply unit is not included; Power consumption may vary depending on your PSU efficiency.

SF100 dual-mode miner has 24 SF3301 chips that support the following modes:
1. Dual mining mode, Bitcoin hashing power 1700 GHS + Litecoin hashing power 47 MHS, the power consumption at wall of whole miner is 960W.
2. Bitcoin single mining mode: Hashing power 1700 GHS, power consumption 770W.
3. Litecoin single mining mode: Hashing power 47 MHS, power consumption 180W.

With 0.45W/GHS + 3.8W/MHS, the power efficiency of SF100 is showing really good potential. It is also possible to overclock to certain extent (Sha-256: 2 THS, Scrypt: 55 MHS). Based on recent Bitcoin and Litecoin price, a dual-mode SF100’s revenue is similat to that of a to a 2.8-3.2 THS pure Bitcoin miner, which makes it equivalent to 0.3-0.34W/GHS power efficiency when it is dual mining. Taking June 19th price for instance, one SF100 generates 4.2 USD from Bitcoin and 3.8 USD from Litecoin, or a total 8 USD per day (without the costs for electricity deducted).

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