Gridseed ASIC NEW G-Blade 6.6mh/s Voltage Modification and Custom Cooling Service

$69.95 CAD

This new voltage mod can provide up to 6.6+mh/s Scrypt mining speed at up to 1000+mhz clock frequency (default is 800mhz). Available as an overnight service in downtown Toronto for existing Gridseed owners or as an upgrade to your online Gridseed order.

Please add this item to your cart with the required quantity matching your order. (this service will add 2-3 days to your order shipping time). Please contact with any questions about this service.

Our technicians went the extra mile to design and professionally install additional heatsinks where the voltage regulators are not covered by the stock-cooling solution.

This mod includes parts, labor and testing/inspection of your unit before and after modding. The work is done by a professional electronics engineer with experience modding hundreds of the 5-chip models. Additional power consumption to be expected and additional cooling in warm environments is recommended.

**Please note that this service will void your warranty and is entirely at your own risk**

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