Gridseed ASIC 500kh/s Dualminer Voltage Modification Service

$14.95 CAD

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**Please note that this service will void your warranty and is entirely at your own risk**

This voltage mod can provide up to 510khs Scrypt mining speed. Available as an overnight service in downtown Toronto for existing Gridseed owners or as an upgrade to your online Gridseed order.

Please add this item to your cart with the required quantity matching your order. (this service will add 1-2 days to your order shipping time). Please contact with any questions about this service.

** There are three options - Please select when ordering.**

Option 1 (14.95 CAD): 
Perform bridges (x2) and 2.7kOhm and 39kOhm 402 resistor.
Up to 1050 MHz for 445KHs.  Uses 8-9Watts each.

Option 2 (14.95 CAD):
Perform R52 replacement with 47kOhm 402 resistor
Up to 1175Mhz for 500KHs.  Uses 14-15Watts each.

Option 3 (NEW) (16.95 CAD):
Perform R52 replacement with 49.9kOhm 402 resistor
Up to 1200Mhz for up to 510KHs.  Uses 18-20Watts each.

Modification to adjust 12v fan power to 5V USB powered fan at your option can also be done at no additional charge. Please request this at time of ordering.

See the following blog for details on this modification:

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