Gridseed ASIC 5.2+ Mh/s G-BLADE Scrypt Miner Complete Plug and Play Kit (back-order)

$399.95 CAD

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Gridseed ASIC 80-chip 5.2+ Mh/s NEW G-BLADE Scrypt Miner Complete Plug and Play Kit. Also available without accessories (select option when ordering).

Gridseed's initial USB miners have proven to be very stable and support chaining of dozens (or hundreds) of units. These new blades are based on the same GC3355 gridseed chips.

* 5.2Mh/sec to 6Mh/sec total
* 100 watts approx power draw

There are 2 PCB Panels in each Miner.

  • Each Panel has 40 GC3355 chips. Each panel has it’s own power socket and usb port.
  • One 80-chip blade miner is equivalent to 16 Gridseed 5-chip USB miners
  • Official Scrypt Hashrate is 5.2M (2.6M on each panel) can be overclocked
  • Mines in scrypt only mode: 50W on each panel
  • **VOLT-MODDING/OVERCLOCKING service is available**

Complete Plug and Play Kit (requires ATX PSU) Includes the following:

1x PCI-E Power Connector Adapter for use with computer PSU

2x USB Mini Cables
1x Raspberry PI kit w/ Mining Image SD card, plastic case and power adapter.

**Requires your own computer Power Supply or optional 12v dc stand-alone power supplies are available.**

Gridseed ASIC G-BLADE Complete Plug and Play Kit (Includes Basic PSU also avialable)


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