Gridseed ASIC 450-500khs VOLT-MODDED Scrypt Miner BULK ORDER

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BULK ORDER Gridseed ASIC 450-500khs Volt-Modded Scrypt Miner

Hashing Speed:

This voltage mod can provide up to 500khs Scrypt mining speed.

**Please note that this service will void your warranty and is entirely at your own risk**

 Perform R52 replacement with 47kOhm 402 resistor

Up to 1175Mhz for 500KHs.  Uses 14-15Watts each.


9.5cm x 7cm
418 grams
Power input:
12v DC input
Large heatsink and fan ensure it runs cool

Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Raspberry Pi

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