FutureBit MoonLander 400 KH/s - 1.2 MH/s USB Scrypt Miner

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FutureBit MoonLander: A Modern and Efficient Scrypt USB Stick Miner!

Specs(these are REAL stats from working prototype board):

- 400kh to 1.2mh performance per miner
- uses about 5w/mh for most of that range
- fully customizable core voltage range from .7 - 1.1v
- Really efficient 5v->core voltage stage with about 95% efficiency
- Heavy duty/over speced parts were used to ensure wide range of operation (this thing can put out 20amps if you wanted to push it that far)
- status LEDs for power, TX and RX transmission
- uses latest bfgminer 5.4 for control
- Will work with all Mac OS, Linux, and Windows based PCs (and I will be offering easy to use pre-compiled binaries)

Speed will obviously depend on how you run this. They can simply be plugged into any USB port and you'll be good to go, but how much power they draw depends on your USB port. USB2(most standard USB ports) are limited to 500ma, so about 400-500kh speed. USB3 can go up to about 1A which can get you near 1mh. Anything beyond that you will need a powered USB hub.

No fan will be needed for anything under 500kh operation (about 100-200mhz)...anything above that as long as you have some sort of airflow over the heatsink it will be enough (I had a 600 rpm fan blowing on it when it was pushing 15 watts and it was fine).

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