Crypto Cards Aluminum Laser-Etched LTC Wallet - In stock now

$10.95 CAD $14.95 CAD


Crypto Cards are available in a variety of colors, they’re made with two sided anodized, dyed aluminum. Laser etching is done on both sides and the corners are polished down, so they are safe to handle and look even sharper!

Because of the process we use to produce these – Crypto Cards are very resilient.

- They won’t ever rust or corrode.

- They won’t chip or crack.

- They are laser etched with an ‘inverted QR’ code so that they can be scanned by any camera with ease.

Please note that these cards are unencrypted. They come sealed in a tamper proof envelope, all keys are generated on an offline machine and are not stored in a database or online server. Once the cards are packaged all records of keys are securely purged.


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