AntMiner S1 to S3 Upgrade Kit 453GH/s *SOLD OUT*

$299.95 CAD

Sold Out


**REQUIRES ANTMINER S1** Upgrade Only.

(select for the upgrade kit to be shipped to you, or select "full service" for our technicians to do the work for you in Toronto)

S1 Upgrade Kit allows global loyal customers who own S1 to spend the cheapest cost to achieve the best performance: Used S1 will be upgraded to 453 GH/s while consumes only 355 Watt power at the wall.

The time of deployment is a significant factor in the global mining market. The design for heat sink of S1 is customized but compatible with the hashing board of S3. Hence we can finalize the S1 upgrade solution by a surprising speed, to maximize the mining life time for used S1 for each end-customer.

Here customers will get a “yes” for the question that can we recycle the used stuffs from used S1: control board, heat sink, fan, holder… Remove and Replace two units of hash boards and one unit of adapter board only.


S1 Upgrade Kit includes:

  1. 2 units of hash boards
  2. 2 units of mini customized heat sink
  3. 1 unit of adapter board
  4. 1 unit of control board holder
  5. 1 fan including the fan's cover and screws
  6. 6  4 units of white plastic brackets, 2 units of 2x10 pin cables, 8 screws, 8 spring screws, 1 bag of thermal paste


Hash Rate: 453 GH/s±5% with great OC potential

Power Consumption: 355 Watt at the wall

Power Efficiency: 0.78 J/GH on wall

Power consumption: This figure depends on the PSU efficiency, ambient temperature and the accuracy of the power meters.



  • S1 Upgrade Kit is designed for customers who own S1. Please be careful to place an order before you are sure you have or will have S1 in hands.
  • S1 Upgrade Kit is nonrefundable after purchase.

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