AntMiner S1 - 180 Gh/s BTC Miner - *Limited Qty Remaining*

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**Our Antminer S1's have the latest PCI-E 6-pin power connectors despite the old picture**

This item does not include a power supply (we have them available separately).

Quiet: ANTMINER use the most power effective mining chips in the world, and the customized heat sink.
All heat can be brought away by very slow wind. ANTMINER runs quietly. 
Stable: ANTMINER mines 24 hours a day, without unexpected stop mining.
Accurate: Hardware Error rate as low as 0.3%, the lowest in the world.
Power effective: Saving the investment of PSU, cable and the cost of electricity bills.
Miner Hashes at +-180 Ghash, Can be over clocked to 200+ with loss of warranty. 
Buy from an official Bitmain Distributor!
Hash rate: 180 GH/s
Power consumption: about 360 W from the wall
Power supply: 3 +12V DC input / 2x PCIe 6PIn
Power efficiency:  2 W/GH/s on wall
Size:  135 mm x 155 mm x 300 mm 
Network connection: Ethernet Cable
Cooling: 12cm PWM fans and customized heat sink
Stand alone: After you configuring it, S1 mines alone without a stratum proxy

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