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Ledger Starter

Secure provisioning system

Ledger Starter features an isolated offline operating system that plugs into the USB port of your PC or Mac (desktop only) and allows you to initialize your Ledger device (Nano and HW.1) even on a compromised computer.


Ledger hardware devices provide the easiest and most secure way to keep your bitcoins safe. However, when you use your Ledger Wallet for the first time to create your Bitcoin wallet, you have to trust the computer you’re currently using (whether at home or in a public place). Sensitive personal information (like your wallet backup or recovery phrase) may be readable by the host computer at this moment (before it's written securely on the Ledger Wallet) so you need to make sure it will not be compromised or stolen by the host computer while typing or writing it (keyloggers, malwares and viruses).


Ledger Starter features a lightweight, Linux-based operating system on a USB form factor that allows you to manage your Ledger device (Nano or HW.1) in a very secure and safe environment. Simply boot pour preferred PC or Mac (desktop models only) using it, and it will automatically perform the initialization or recovery procedures within an offline, isolated context. Ledger Starter makes it safe to initialize your Ledger Wallet on any computer, regardless of the level of security of the operating system it usually runs.



    Ledger Starter provides a fully offline and isolated environment to initialize your Ledger devices (Nano and HW.1).


    Using Ledger Starter is as easy as plugging it and booting your computer. No hard-drive installation is required.


    All you need is your favorite PC or Mac (excepted Apple Macbooks) and you're ready to go. Focus on your bitcoins, not security.


    All the sensitive operations (creation, restoration, deletion) are secured inside the Ledger Starter operating system.


Dimension & weight

Size: 36mm x 15mm x 6mm.
Weight: 27.00g.


A x86 compatible PC or Mac is required to use Ledger Starter. Macbooks are not supported.

Boot & Connector

Male USB connector Type A.
Bios or EFI with USB boot capabilities is required.


Aluminum, Copper and Silicium.

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