How to power the AntMiner S7 with 2x server PSU at 110v-120v. November 25 2015, 1 Comment

The New AntMiner S7 is here at BitcoinWare!

The S7 is rated to consume up to 1270 Watts (at the wall, with AC/DC 93% efficiency, 25C ambient temp). Depending on the batch of S7 miner, and your electrical setup, it could be 1300 Watts or more at the wall. 

While the 1600w BITMAIN APW3 power supply is a great choice for this miner, it only operates at 205v+ or higher voltage. (It does work well at 220v standard operation in Canada). 

If you only have access to standard household power outlets (110v-115v) you can not use the above PSU. Many users have been asking for the option to power this miner at lower voltage 110-115v standard power outlets with our server PSU's such as the HP DPS-1200 with 4x PCI-E plugs.

We recommend 2 PSU units (HP DPS-1200 with 4x PCI-E plugs) per miner, and to fully accommodate the 10 PCI-E plugs on the S7, you may also use two PCI-E splitters in this configuration.

The connections should be made for one PSU on the first 2 hash boards, and the second PSU on the third hash board and controller.

Note: It's always best to have extra wattage for efficiency, head-room and long equipment lifespan.

Please contact us directly for advice and setup instructions if you have any questions. Please follow manufacturer recommendations for the power setup and power-on sequence described in the user manual on page 4. Electrical safety is important!

Please view the AntMiner S7 user manual here: ANTMINER S7 Manual (User Guide) - PDF - English - CLICK HERE

Test mining AntMiner S7 unit with 2 PSU - 2x (HP DPS-1200 with 4x PCI-E plugs) per miner.


Note the use of 2x PCI-E splitters to power all 10 PCI-E plugs.