Gigampz Adapter Board for HP DPS-800GBA PSU are IN STOCK NOW January 18 2015, 0 Comments

Save big on your power supply needs for mining! Instead of expensive ATX computer PSU's you can use cheaper server PSU's with our Gigampz Adapter Boards - available with PCI-E connectors! IN STOCK NOW for immediate shipping from Toronto, Canada.
The Gigampz breakout board is compatible with the HP DPS-800GBA power supply typically used to power a server.  It offers a high quality inexpensive way to power devices requiring 12 volt power such as Bitcoin mining equipment and electronics projects.  It also offers optional easy remote monitoring and control via a Raspberry Pi. Available with included PCI-E Connectors.

Remote Monitoring & Control
You can control the Gigampz manually using the included jumper or you can hook it up to your controller of choice to remotely monitor it's status and switch it on and off.  The Gigampz is compatible with popular devices such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Beagleboard, micro-controllers, and similar devices.  The Gigampz uses 3.3v logic and its inputs are 5v tolerant.

Compatible Power Supplies
*Does not include power supply. This Gigampz is compatible with the HP DPS-800GBA which also goes by the following part numbers; 379123-001, 399771-001, 380622-001, and 403781-001.