G-blade volt-modding and overclocking with the 80-chip Gridseed to 7+mh/s and beyond!! May 29 2014, 0 Comments

BitcoinWare announces immediate availability of our custom-modded G-blade kits!

These kits are plug-and play with the included Raspberry Pi controller and easy to use software!

Our technicians have completed the volt-modding (VMOD 1) and cooling upgrades on our beta tester and we are very happy to report (this may be the first one in Canada) that we have obtained a wicked overclock from the stock 5.2+mh/s of up to 6.5-7mh/s very stable between 900-1000mhz clock frequency. Our techs went the extra mile to perfectly size, machine and professionally install some additional heatsinks for application to the boards where the voltage regulators are not covered by the stock-cooling solution.

Up to 7mh/s poolside is possible:


This mod will be available immediately for same day service in downtown Toronto at a cost of $100 CAD including parts, labor and testing/inspection of your unit before and after modding. The work is done by a professional electronics engineer with experience modding hundreds of the 5-chip models already. Additional power consumption to be expected.
(of course this mod will VOID YOUR WARRANTY AND IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.)

Additional heat-sinks applied in between the boards to prevent over-heating:


Next step will be to try the VMOD 2 for up to 7.5mh/s - will require additional active cooling. stay tuned!